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11 Kitchen Curtain Ideas For Above The Sink

For some homeowners, designing the kitchen sink window treatments often takes functionality over design. Installing some curtains over your kitchen sink windows can immediately change the look of your space. It is a great way to change the vibe of your kitchen.

Installing some curtains over your kitchen sink can immediately filter the amount of light and privacy for your home. It also ties together the design and style of your space, showcasing key focal points in your kitchen. These design ideas for your kitchen can make your space look warm and beautiful.

Continue reading as we show you the best kitchen curtain inspiration for your windows above your sink.

An interior of modern white wooden kitchen, 11 Kitchen Curtain Ideas For Above The Sink

1. Roller Shade

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Roller shades have steadily risen in popularity for many interior designers, and though they may be completely different from the more popular fabric curtain window treatments, a roller shade offers a more functional purpose.

These roller shades are easily raised and lowered to let the light in, with a minimalistic and clean design for your space.

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2. Roman Shade

Beautiful kitchen interior with new stylish furniture

These Roman shades share the same functionality as the first design idea, though these come in a variety of formats. Some Roman shades are available to be installed directly on your windows frames, while there are other versions that can work with your existing curtain rods.

This is a great window treatment to use over your sink as it can easily be raised or lowered, and they come in a multitude of fabric designs.

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3. Cafe Curtains

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Cafe curtains, or sometimes called tier curtains are designed to be hung in pairs or from the middle of your window. This design was taken from the style that old roadside cafes would hang their curtains partway through the middle of the window.

It’s a great way to let light in your kitchen, plus it frames your windows well. It does however, only offer partial privacy, as they do not completely cover the entire window, so it would be best to check if it’s a good fit for your home.

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4. Valance Curtains

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For a more classic, homey style for your kitchen sink windows, a valance curtain is a great option to try. These curtains pair well with blinds or they can hang on their own if you like seeing more of your windows. This is a great choice as they do not drift close to your faucets and do not pose any risks of getting wet.

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5. Flat Valance Curtains

Kitchen room with wooden storage cabinets and window view

A flat valance curtain is another option you may want to choose for your kitchen windows. These curtains are flat on the front with the ends wrapping around the side of the curtain rod. This creates a boxed, cornice-like look for your windows and if you prefer to have an illusion of having a box valance over your kitchen sink windows, then this is a good option to try.

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6. Linen Curtains

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These linen curtains are great for those who want to have a fresh, crisp, clean look for their kitchen windows. One of the best things linen curtains has to offer is the privacy, thanks to the thickness of the fabric, but it lets enough muted light to come in the room. 

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7. Modern Print Curtains

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If you are looking for curtains that are eye-catching, you may want to try adding these modern-print curtains. They look great for spaces that have a minimalistic feel as it can provide accent and color to your space.

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8. Floral Curtains

Light green wooden kitchen with window

Floral curtains always bring in a touch of warmth and femininity to any space. Placed over your kitchen sink, it showcases a very gentle, feminine vibe that would tie in well to any bright and colorful space.

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9. Scarf Swag Curtains

Modern kitchen interior

Scarf swag curtains come in heavy forms such as these curtains, or lighter ones that are sheerer in nature. These curtains are great for spaces that have a classic, intimate vibe. You may pair these with other window treatments or curtains, and it also looks great on their own.

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10. Sheer Curtains

A flower pot with a flower on the countertop

For homeowners who like light streaming in through their kitchens, sheer curtains would be the perfect fit for their space. The light, thin material lets in a lot of light, and these curtains easily flutter in the wind, making the space look quite ethereal as well.

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11. Tie-up Curtains

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These tie-up curtains, open up from the bottom instead of being pulled from the sides and provides more functionality. When pulled down, tie-up curtains provide ample protection of privacy and when pulled up, it offers great function for letting light in.

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In closing

Curtains are a great addition to any space. Putting them up over your kitchen sink windows can provide privacy and great design, turning your kitchen into a beautiful place to hang out it.