11 Kitchen Curtain Ideas For Small Windows

Kitchen windows are there for two main reasons; one is additional ventilation, and the second is a natural light that helps illuminate your kitchen without the use of any light bulbs or any other artificial light source.

Now, some kitchens have window curtains and some don’t. Like windows, a kitchen curtain also provides two things; one is it boosts the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen, and two is it gives privacy as a covering to your kitchen windows that are for the most part transparent.

In this article, we will be showing you 11 great kitchen curtain ideas for small kitchen windows that you can refer to when decorating your kitchen. So stick around and continue reading to learn more.

A modern black and white kitchen with pink curtains, 11 Kitchen Curtain Ideas For Small Windows

1. One Curtain Per Window

Fragment of white kitchen with many windows

This design will work well for you if you have multiple windows in your kitchen. This will work well as it helps maintain privacy in your kitchen and also adds additional insulation. The only drawback to this is the number of curtains you have to keep washing regularly.

2. Half Curtains Full Aesthetic Appeal

White kitchen and dining room with white epoxy floor and wooden stairs

Sometimes, less is more. It is truly encapsulated in the picture above, with the half curtain windows adding more illumination to an already bright kitchen. It also gives a mix of modern and vintage designs in the room. It is very simple, yet elegant.

3. Color Toned Curtains

Home kitchen with gas stove and kittle

Try going with a color that compliments your walls. The grayish-blue curtains add a chilly vibe look, this is helpful as your kitchen area can get pretty hot and moist from all the cooking. The compliment of the white walls to the curtains bodes great as well.

4. Going Full Length on Small Windows

Bouquet of tulips in interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style with white furniture and a dining table

Who says that long curtains are only for large windows? In this design, a long curtain can add volume and personality to your kitchen This is also one way of being unique as it is uncommon for smaller windows to have a full-length curtain in a kitchen!

5. Add Cornices to Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen with wooden dinning table

Adding some curtain cornice to your kitchen window is another way of adding more decorative spice to your kitchen windows. The pattern in the curtains also adds composition and shapes to the area.

6. Floral Design Paired with Live Flora

Modern white kitchen

Floral designs or embroidery on your kitchen adds a fresh feeling and bodes very well with the light color theme of the entire setup. You can also add actual plants and flowers in your window, it’s just like looking at a field of flowers while doing the dishes.

7. Double Down

Kitchen with plates and kitchen utensils

Now, this is a combination of light and heavy woven fabrics. With this setup, you can close the thicker fabric if you want more privacy or if the sun is getting into your eyes. If you just want the right amount of sunlight to enter the room, then you can just leave the laced curtains open, giving you multiple options.

8. Give Lightly Woven Curtains a Go

White and brown kitchen interior in traditional style

If you want a well-lit room getting linen that’s light woven is the perfect curtain set up for you. This will dramatically improve lighting for your kitchen that you would not turn on the lights until it gets too dark outside. Great for places in hotter climates, too.

9. Classic Lace

Vintage kitchen with old fashioned porcelain sink

The classic look that will never fade from kitchens all over the world. If you are going for a more nostalgic feel, that white lace fabric curtain with simple cornice will never go out of style. A more simple design that leans towards the past compared to the modern.

10. Try Rollers

Modern wooden kitchen

Going with a roller curtain set up has a lot of advantages, you won’t have to uninstall and wash it, just the occasional wipe and you’re good to go. You can also play with it by having it fully closed for complete privacy and sun-blocking or go for the partial or completely open option for more natural lighting.

11. Maybe Curtains Are Not for You

Rustic interior of a log house kitchen

Sometimes having no curtain can just be as good as having one. If privacy is an issue, you can always have tinted windows installed like the ones above.

In summary

There are a plethora of options for you to decorate your kitchen windows, you are only held by how much your imagination feeds you, so be creative as possible to achieve the look that you want.