11 Living Room Color Schemes With Black Leather Furniture

Black leather furniture is one of the living room staples today. Yet, its full black theme might worry you about mixing and matching colors. Other colors might look bizarre, and some might overpower the black couch. 

The good thing is you still have lots of options to elevate your black leather furniture in your living room! You can choose among various colors, ranging from dark to light tones.

To ensure that it suits nicely with your living rooms, we compiled the top color palettes that work with black leather couches. It gives you ideas on the best colors to add to your living rooms. 

Check out the following ideas in choosing the right colors for your walls, floors, decors, and other furniture. Also, find out here the top 11 living room color schemes to match your black leather sofa.

vintage style of interior decoration the leather sofa in white room, 11 Living Room Color Schemes With Black Leather Furniture

1. Monochrome Black 

Modern living room interior, black wall and panoramic window with Singapore city view. Dark grey sofa and armchair, coffee table, bookshelves, lamp and chest of drawers

You will never go wrong with a monochrome black theme that uniforms your black leather couch. You can add all-black walls, furniture, accessories, and shelves in this way. Similar to the photo, the whole black style can bring modern, stylish, and aesthetic black tones to your home. 

2. All White 

Interior of light living room with black couch, table and lamps

Another perfect match for your black leather couch is through its contrast tone, the color white. So, you certainly add your black furniture with the white walls, lamps, rugs, and other white accessories on the side tables.

Its window panels even come with white! This style showcases the iconic black and white design that gives a classic vibe at home. 

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3. Black & Green

Black interior with sofa, plants and coffee table.

Black can also complement green and nature-related tones. With a touch of green, it can make the room extra vibrant. So, adding plants can also intensify the look of your black leather couch.

Besides that, you can match the sofa with dark-colored walls and vases as the picture shows, but make sure to brighten it up with live plants. 

4. Darks & Muted Blues

Home interior mock-up with leather sofa, table and cello near wall

Filling up the room with muted blue room always makes a significant impact on contemporary styles. It can even enhance the living room with black leather furniture.

You can also add a dark-theme table, vase, and musical instrument like a cello near the wall to match the furniture. A long-tailed curtain in muted blue tone brings out a unique touch to complete the whole black and blue combination.

5.A Touch of Mid-tone Grey

Modern interior

Besides the famous black and white, you can even add a light grey backdrop and floor. See how these sleeking color schemes carry an elegant appeal in the living room.

The lamp and other silver-like accessories provide a chic look on these black leather couches. Moreover, gray in black never get out of style! 

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6.Hints of Browns

Interior of a living room

Black and browns in the living room wouldn’t hurt at all! Like the picture above, it brings white walls with brown accents on the floor, floor mat, and center table. Even the curtains bring a sheer chocolatey tone.

What’s the secret? It is by adding little black details to complete the look. You can add black and brown frames, black figurines, and a touch of both colors on the center table. 

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7. Rustic Tones 

Interior of a living room

The phenomenal rustic hues include tan, redwood, orange wood, and other natural tones. Placing an extra lamp, pillows, and even a three-piece painting on the wall can balance out the whole look. Watch out how your black leather furniture works perfectly with these rustic tones at home.

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8. All Neutrals

Large penthouse with high ceilings, living room showing black couch

Your black couch can work nicely with white, browns, creams, and the accent wall of oyster pink. So, you may also play around with other neutral tones with the muted and mauve tones of pink and purple. As you mix and match these colors for your living room, it balances the powerful touch of a black leather couch. 

9.The Golden Rule

Elegant luxury living room with black leather furniture

Instead of driving the interests of your visitors to other colors, you can also focus on the black tones. However, you can insert the sparkling gold around the area. Your orange lighting and golden figurines can make a huge effect for a more stunning area! 

10. A Splash of Red

Modern bright living room with wooden floor

If you wish to make the room extra welcoming, a dash of red tones can lift up the mood. It will not overpower the black leather couch, rather flourishes its strong hue. You can now add the neutrals like white walls, rugs, and curtains, and never forget the magic of plants and flowers.

11. Striking Multicolored Touch

Colorful pillows on a sofa with brick wall in background

Owning a pure black leather couch is actually a win. Why? Besides its muted and neutral tones, it can even jive along with any color! See how these black couch fits nicely with a brick wall, patterned pillows, and printed single-seated chair? It might look somehow busy, but it still sits along with the popping hues around! 

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Black leather furniture lets you experiment with other colors. The only rule is to add other accessories with black tones. In this way, you are still pairing your full black couch to any item inside the room. Nevertheless, enjoy how you can come along with the right decorations at home. See how black leather furniture brings so much ease in styling your living room.