Should Your Bedroom Curtains Match The Bedding?

Personalizing your bedroom design can be overwhelming. If you’ve completed your bedroom essentials but have a great concern with mismatched curtains and bedding, then don’t fret because we have pulled together some useful guidelines for you!

Depending on your personal preference and style, curtains can either match or mismatch the bedding. They should complement each other well and coordinate with the other objects in the bedroom like walls, furniture, and decor.

The bedroom is a zone where we can completely be ourselves, that’s why it’s fundamental to design a room that will fit your liking and the rules of decorating. Keep reading if you want to learn more about decorating with curtains and bedding.

overwhelming bedroom style for bedding and curtains, Should Your Bedroom Curtains Match The Bedding?

Know Your Style

Are you the type of person who sticks to one color? Or are you the person who loves to mix and match? Before decorating your bedroom, it’s important to determine what style you are fond of.

Knowing your style gives you confidence in the choices you make in your bedroom decorating, especially on the selection of your bedding and curtains.

There are two of the most common ways to style curtains and bedding colors in your bedroom, which we are going to tackle in this section.


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Matching your curtains with the bedding is one of the easiest and most acceptable ways to style your bedroom.

Even professional interior designers opt for matching the curtains and bedding because it elevates a cohesive look of the bedroom. Matched curtains and bedding naturally instill ownership into your bedroom area.

Not only that but uniformity in curtains and bedding also enhances the style in your bedroom. It draws attention to the details found in pieces of furniture and highlights them to be more visible and appreciated.

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You can go for plain neutral colors like white and beige to make your room feel light and cozy. Since these colors are classic, they can match almost any furniture and decorations present in your bedroom. 

You can also get organized with patterns and colors by purchasing a commercially-available bedding set with matching curtains to set an official motiff for your bedroom. You can check out traditional ornate patterns like this one below.

See this bedsheet-set on Amazon

However, you may find it time consuming to organize and choose which color, fabric, and texture you want for your curtains and bedding. Plus, some of them can be costly. 

All the same, if matching curtains and bedding is your thing, then the end results will definitely be rewarding. 


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Mixing a variety of colors, patterns, and textures with your curtains and bedding allows you the freedom to be more creative. But you need to be careful or else you might end up overdecorating your bedroom.

You need to maintain the right amount of visual weight and balance when incorporating different colors and patterns.

To achieve this, you can try to match bedding accents in curtains. Things like the decorative pillows, headboard, or bedroom bench can be an alternative pair for curtains apart from the bedding.

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Another styling you can do is choose curtains with neutral colors like white to blend with colorful patterns. White makes rooms delicately beautiful. So if you want to do a little bit of toning down vibrant colors, this is one idea to start with. 

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Matching your curtains with wall colors is also a great idea to outdo the standard pairing of curtains and bedding as this styling keeps your bedroom unified without going over the top. 

It’s best to work on this with neutral colors like white, beige, and gray when pairing curtains and walls. This styling employs colors that aren’t too dark. However, if you want to try other shades, you can use light blue, pink, or lavender. 

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Pointers for Choosing Bedroom Curtains and Bedding

Whether you are a stickler for uniformity or you are experimental with color variations, here are some tips to remember when you’re in the process of selecting the right curtains and bedding for your bedroom:

  • Stick to the theme you want to set for your bedroom’s atmosphere.
  • Freely experiment with various textures, patterns, and unique color combinations.
  • Focus on your bedroom’s key elements and other color accents.
  • Assess how much light you want to intensify in your bedroom.
  • Consult the color wheel when integrating colors.
  • Ensure a unified color scheme, pattern, textures and design.
  • Go for neutral or lighter hues when you want to match your curtains and bedding religiously.
  • Choose the right curtain length for you windows, and the right curtain color for your walls before jumping into the color of the bedding.
  • Consider other objects in your bedroom that may contrast with your curtains and bedding like rugs, frames, and decorative paintings and ornaments.
  • Have fun in the process! After all, when you know what you want, you’ll likely end up with your desired results.

Different Curtain Styles and Your Bedroom

perfect mix of different curtain style and bedroom

Different curtain styles do not affect bedroom aesthetics when they are used correctly. This means that it’s perfectly fine to mix and match curtain style from colors and patterns just as long as they complement each other and create enough visual space.

Understand the color psychology in interior designing and see how different colors, textures, and patterns should be combined to give you a breathable sleeping space. To be safe, make use of block colors and textures.

If you are not considerate with mixing colors and patterns, you’ll end up in a room that looks too busy and mismatched.

When an imbalance of patterns and colors happens, it makes the room look small, reduces light and airflow, and can make you uncomfortable.

Not only is it essential to be particular on certain curtain styles and colors, but you also need to pay attention to the length, width, and types of curtain rods that complete the whole get-up.

Watch this YouTube video by Posh Pennies as it discusses the common mistakes of hanging curtains and how to stylishly attach them to windows.

Should All Bedrooms Windows Have The Same Curtain?

Consistency of interior design of beautiful bedrooms beddings and curtains

According to Los Angeles-based interior designer Taylor Jacobson, being consistent is a good factor in interior design.

She recommends that the same style of window treatment should be maintained if all windows are of the same size. With that being said, it’s much more functional to have the same curtains in your bedroom windows and stick to one styling and pattern accordingly.

Jacobson also shares her experience in designing a different window in the room. She treated it by putting a set of drapes that goes behind the bed where it’s located while the other windows of the same size are completely equipped with roman shades.

She also stresses how important it is to stick to a color palette and experiment with different styles of window treatment.

If you want additional ideas on curtains and window treatments, watch this YouTube video by Home & Ideas.

How Do You Select The Right Bedding For Your Bed?

Best quality bedding for selecting right bedding for your bed

Choosing the right bedding for your bed is equivalent to dressing yourself.

Linda Holmes, an interior designer of LuxDeco writes in her article.

This implies that choosing the best quality bedding is paramount and if possible, do not spare any expenses. Always guarantee beddings that will not easily wear out and irritate your skin.

There are two factors to evaluate upon selection of the right bedding: thread count and material.

Comfortable sheets have a thread count ranging from 200 to 800 and beyond according to Sleep Foundation.

As for the material, this pertains to components used to produce bedding like cotton, bamboo, polyester, linen, stencil, silk, microfiber, and satin.

For an elaborated discussion on this, watch this YouTube video by

Final Words

Curtains should not necessarily match the bedding. Everything else aside from that entirely depends on your personal preferences.

Now that you know all of this, you can now decorate with ease knowing how to efficiently incorporate curtains and bedding in the bedroom.

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