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11 Two-Color Combinations For Living Room Walls

Colors affect our lives on a day-to-day basis. Studies have shown that women and men are affected by colors differently. They affect emotions, moods, and energy levels. Besides stimulating the brain, colors also affect the heart rate and blood pressure.

Colors can make a statement of your personality and character in your home. They directly reflect our preferences and tastes. Designers recommend using two or three main colors at different ratios in your home decor.

No matter how you feel about different colors, ensure that you use warm colors in your living room. They evoke warm feelings and conversation flow. The following are two-color combinations for walls that can be used in living rooms.

Interior of a modern and rustic inspired living room with a long sleeper sofa and wooden furnitures, 11 Two-Color Combinations For Living Room Walls

1. Teal And Orange

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Different shades of teal give different vibes but overall, it’s a cool color. When you add orange to teal in your living room, you’ll give it a bold but sweet character.

2. Black and Blush Pink

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Black is a dominant color and often goes with other softer colors, such as pink, in the color palette. To lessen the heaviness of the dark color, paint it by the window or add more lighting to the wall.

3. Navy Blue and Maroon

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Maroon and navy blue are bold colors and need to be handled with lots of care. Too much of each color can make the room heavy and dark. Use these colors to paint large and spacious living rooms with enough natural light.

You can also alternate these colors with white to neutralize them.

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4. Cream White And Light Green

Two colored combination living room with wooden furnitures and a green sofa

Cream and green are both light colors and will give your living room an airy feeling. You can paint opposite or adjacent walls of the living room with these two colors.

5. Purple And Gray

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Purple is a vibrant color that brings life to a dull living wall. Pairing purple walls with grey ones gives the living room a balanced and rational feel to it. Complete the look with contemporary furniture.

6. Yellow and Blue

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Yellow is another vibrant color and is easily paired with blue. They are opposite quadrants which means they are complementary. Use lighter shades for the accents in the living room.

7. Terracotta and Cream White

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Terracotta goes well with cream white if you want rustic home designs. The rugged terracotta and cream white walls in living rooms create a cozy feel without being overwhelming. Create a boho-chic elegance with the right accents.

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8. Red And Gray

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When gray is paired with red for a living room, it gives a sophisticated look. Ensure that the accents in the living aren’t overpowering the walls.

9. Coffee Brown and Cream

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The coffee-brown color gives a feeling of being closer to the earth. The cream will dilute the coffee brown to give a feel of cleanliness and purity.

To achieve a balanced look, paint the coffee brown at the bottom and cream on top. This color combination will have a relaxed, laid-back feel in the living room.

10. Dark Blue And Soft Gray

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Dark blue speaks royalty and boldness with a dash of soft gray to soften it.

11. Brown And Purple

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Brown and purple make a dark interior. Therefore this color combination is suitable for a large and spacious room with ample natural light. These deep colors hint a professional and refined look in the living room.

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What To Consider When Coordinating Colors

Green and rustic inspired living room with wooden furnitures and white painted walls

It’s your home and you would like to paint the living room walls in your favorite colors. But before you go ahead and start painting your living room, here are several pointers to consider:

  1. You should understand the effect the colors in your living room will have on the other rooms.
  2. Don’t complicate the design in your living room. Keep things simple and less crowded.
  3. Have a general idea of the accent colors in your living room, to avoid overriding the two main colors.
  4. Use opposite colors to create contrast in the room.
  5. Any nuances you add should be color-related for an even balance.
  6. Consider the color of your floors before choosing the wall colors. Walls and floors should work in unison.
  7. Use the color wheel as a reference. Designers always advise using the 60-30-10 color rule to create a wholesome color scheme.

Final Thoughts

Interior of a modern and rustic inspired living room with a long sleeper sofa and wooden furnitures

Colors can work in twos when properly paired. While each color combination has its pros and cons, you should consider them before choosing a combination for your walls. To achieve the decor you desire, consider the size and location of your living room.

The classic colors will help when experimenting with bold hues in your living room. Let the colors speak for you and to you.