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What Color Couch Goes with Green Carpet?

Green carpets give off an earthy appeal that reminds us of landscape gardens and fresh grass. They can also have unique patterns that refresh the eyes and add an accent to the space. Carpets are a dominant element that ties up the room’s interior, so you naturally want to find the perfect couch that you can pair it with.

We have gathered up some ideas that you can use as inspiration when selecting the right colors for your couch. Although green is not a neutral color, there is still a wide range of couch colors that can seamlessly blend with it.

A green accent wall complementing the green sofas and ottoman, What Color Couch Goes with Green Carpet?

White Couch

Two patterned white sectional sofa with green and white throw pillows

Pair white couches with your green carpet for a polished, clean look. White gives off an air of class and modernity; combined with green and the room becomes revitalizing to look at.

Blue-Green Couch

A blue sofa with gray throw pillows and a red sofa on the side with red comfy sofa

Your eyes will not be overwhelmed by too much green since the color has a blue tint. The color will balance out your green carpet perfectly and give off an artistic appeal to your room.

Deep Green couch

A green accent wall complementing the green sofas and ottoman, What Color Couch Goes with Green Carpet?

Don’t be afraid to play around with shades of green to give your room a monochromatic look without being too uniform. As seen in the photo, a green carpet with a lighter shade can pair well with a deeply-colored couch.

You can never go wrong with the classic monochrome look as long as you can experiment with shades and textures.

Mint Green Couch

A long grass carpet with a green sofa with blue throw pillows and a blue accent wall

Another way to give your room a classic monochromatic look is to go for a couch that’s a lighter shade of green. The combination will not feel stiff as long as you play around with shade and texture—it will even look put-together!

Brown Couch

A gorgeous outdoor inspired living room with grass carpet and wooden furnitures with white throw pillows

Lean into the earthy appeal of a green carpet by matching it with a brown couch. Contrary to the belief that brown is boring, it is actually a grounding color that can tie up the whimsy of the interior. The combination will be even better if you are planning to pair it with nature-themed decorations.

Apricot or Muted Orange Couch

A gorgeous contemporary inspired living room with green carpet and brown sofas

If you want a splash of color but do not want anything crazy, go for an apricot-colored couch. This combination will give off a whimsical appeal, but still, feel polished and modern. These colors will seamlessly blend into any interior without being too basic.

Grey Couch

A dark blue sofa with orange throw pillows and brown armchair with green patterned carpet

Grey is a neutral color, so it can smoothly be incorporated with a green carpet. The stark contrast between the two will give your room a more structured look. This combination will fit old-school and traditional interiors, giving it a subtle touch of modernity without removing its classic charm.

Beige Couch

A small green carpet infront of a wooden sofa with dangling macrame accessories and a plat on the side

Go for a country-inspired interior and pair your green carpet with a beige couch. The light color will give the illusion of a wider space, while the green carpet will give the room some depth and structure. This design will seamlessly blend into a farm-inspired interior and emanate a cozy charm.

Cerulean Couch

A long blue colored sleeper sofa with a green carpet and a pink accent wall with plants all around the room

Cerulean, another shade of blue, goes well with a green carpet. The combination gives off an artistic charm and is most used in maximalist interiors. Cerulean with green emanates whimsy while remaining visually structured.

Pastel Purple

A dark purple sleeper sofa with a blue carpet

Opt for a bold combination like green and pastel purple. As seen in the photo, the colors go well together and give the room pops of color without being all over the place. The white undertone in pastel purple will balance out the colors and seamlessly fit into your interior.

A Combination of Green and Brown

A long blue colored sofa and green armchair complementing the green carpet

Since green and brown are all earth tones, getting both colors for your couches will be ideally paired with a green carpet. As seen in the photo, combining the three elements will make your room feel less uniform without being overwhelming.

A Combination of Olive Green and Red

A yellow sleeper sofa with gray throw pillows , gray accent wall and patterned green flooring

Experimenting with a different shade of green to go with your green carpet is always a good idea. If you want to dip your toes on a bolder color, try combining it with a small red settee. The pop of color will give off an artistic flare without clashing with the rest of your interior.

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In Closing

A green accent wall complementing the green sofas and ottoman

Green carpets come in many shades and patterns. When choosing a couch, do not be afraid to play around with textures and patterns that will blend perfectly with your carpet. As with any interior, treat your space like a blank canvass that will benefit more from your vision and preferences.

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