What Color Curtains Go With A Brown Couch?

Couches are made to provide the comfort you need after a long and busy day. It is designed to make you feel cozy whenever you rest on it. When deciding to buy a couch, you have to make sure that it matches the main color of your house since it will occupy a large space in the area. And how about the curtains? Should you match it with your couch? We’ve done the research to give you the answer to this question.

Pairing the color of your couch with the curtain is a safe choice but it is also a great choice to pair it with other colors. Let’s say you have a brown couch. What are the colors that can go along with it? Here are 11 colors that you need to see!

  • Brown
  • White
  • Gray
  • Burnt Orange
  • Yellow
  • Blood Red
  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Violet

It is not easy to choose a color without fear of getting the wrong one. However, if you wish to set a specific mood for your home, try these colors as they are the best options out there to choose from. Continue reading to learn more about each hue!

A sectional sofa with black throw pillows for a living room with a coastal view, What Color Curtains Go With A Brown Couch?

Let Your Brown Couch Pop!

As you all know, brown is also a neutral color that can be paired well with other colors. Make it pop by accentuating it with these different colors of curtains!

1. Brown

Comfortable living room interior with a brown leather sectional sofa matched with brown curtains and white throw pillows

Brown is a warm and earthy color that can perfectly complement the similar shade of your couch. If you use this color, you will have a balanced look in your living room as it does not compete with your main color, thus making it more neutral.

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While brown is a lovely hue, it might not be suitable if you have a low-light living room. Check out our article on which colors can brighten up poorly-lit rooms!

2. White

Luxurious interior of a rustic contemporary living room with wooden flooring, a wooden table stand with a leather sofa

Nothing is purer than this color! White is so simple yet clean and pleasing to the eye. Pairing this with your brown couch can create a calm and warm mood inside your home. If you want to keep your home look effortlessly beautiful, this is certainly your color!

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3. Gray

Comfy inspired living room with a brown leather sofa with blue throw pillows and a palm tree

Achieve a warm and elegant home by matching your brown couch with gray curtains! A neutral color can work well with another neutral color so rest assured that this combination will work!

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4. Burnt Orange

A big leather accent chair with a patterned throw pillow and a Christmas tree on the side

Embrace the autumn season with your light brown couch and burnt orange curtain! This is a darker shade of orange that looks bold but can match well with brown. Both are warm colors so that means more warmth for your home!

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5. Yellow

Luxurious ceiling high curtains and a purple sofa marched with floral throw pillow

Yellow might be a bright color but it can go with brown beautifully! It spreads positive energy around your home which makes it a very welcoming color. Choosing the right shade of yellow will do the trick.

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Want to go all out and paint your walls yellow? Take a look at our post on which couch colors go best with yellow living rooms.

6. Blood-Red

A long leather sofa with a golden lamp and a red ceiling high curtain

Blood red is a dark shade of red that can go along with your brown couch. Pairing these two will result in a daring and passionate mood in your home. Make your home look romantic with blood-red!

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7. Beige

Gorgeous comfortable carpeted flooring living room with beige curtains and sectional sofas

Can’t get enough of neutral colors? Here is another one for you! Beige is so soothing color you just can’t stop staring at it! It is a light color that can be paired with any shade of brown.

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8. Blue

Large living room with blue curtains

Imagine going to the beach and seeing the palm trees, the clear water, and then you feel the fresh air. The summer breeze really does make you feel fine, doesn’t it? That’s the mood this color will give your home. Blue is a cool tone, a calm color that gives a serene feeling.

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9. Green

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Get that relaxing feeling with your brown couch and green curtains. Associated with growth and life, this color can create a  refreshing sensation when you spend some time in your living room. Since both are related to nature, complementing these colors will take you to a little trip in the forest. 

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10. Pink

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Make your home look cute and inviting with the color pink! This is a sweet color that is pleasant to the eye. Pink is also a light color which means that it can go along with your brown couch pretty well. Set a lovely, uplifting mood with pink.

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11. Violet

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Yes to this trendy color! Get that stylish and luxurious vibe with violet. It is not an easy color to complement but it can surely work well with your brown couch. If you pick this color, you have to choose the right tone for both of them. Darker shades of violet are best combined with lighter shades of brown.

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Why Do You Need To Match Your Couch And Curtains

As much as a monochromatic color works for a room, you have to step up your color game in order for you to achieve a pleasing look for your home! Using one color can will work to create that balanced look. However, accents are also important.

If your couch and curtains do not match at all, the color combination in your home might look messy. That is why you must complement these accents so that everything can go along and it will be pleasant to look at.

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What Colors Are Complementary?

Complementary colors are a combination of colors that cancel out each other. Most of these colors are the bright colors you see on the color wheel and they are often called “opposite colors”. When these colors are mixed or paired, they contrast each other strongly. Here are the most common complementary colors:

  • Blue and Yellow
  • Red and Cyan
  • Yellow and Purple
  • Blue and Orange
  • Green and Magenta

Do Opposite Colors Look Good Together?

Good news for you, opposites do attract! All you have to do is find the right shade of each color that will work perfectly when paired. Balance the colors and play with their intensities.

What Are Color Schemes Good For?

When you see colors that immediately attract your eyes, you get this feeling of wanting to know what colors are these since they look good together. This is how color schemes work! Color schemes are good for satisfying your eyes with the best colors that complement well with each other.

Color schemes are created to influence the stimuli of a person, setting a mood that can make you feel a certain way consciously or unconsciously. You have to pick the best color scheme for your room as it speaks a lot about your personality.

How Do You Brighten Up A Room With Dark Furniture?

Dark furniture is a good accent but it tends to make your room appear boring. Do not let your resting place be dull with your dark furniture! Here are some tips on how to brighten up your room:

  1. Choose light-colored drapes that can match your dark furniture.
  2. Re-paint your walls with neutral colors such as white, gray, or beige.
  3. Match your dark-colored couch with pillows that are light in color.
  4. Get a white carpet.
  5. Change your lighting.

Final Thoughts

A sectional sofa with black throw pillows for a living room with a coastal view

There are no limits to finding your color scheme! Just like for a brown couch, there are always available colors to match it. Remember, just because you think it’s too bright does not mean it won’t work at all!

Accents are essential! Consider spending enough time in finding the right color that can create the best look for your home.

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