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Do Bamboo Blankets Keep You Warm?

Cold weather is not great for having a good night’s sleep. It bothers you all throughout your sleeping period. Thanks to the bamboo blanket, which is known to be a body-regulating raw material, it can help keep you cozy. But how does it work? We have researched topics about bamboo blankets and how they can affect your total well-being.

A bamboo blanket, similar to other materials, will keep you warm during cold seasons. It regulates temperature to keep you warm and comfy. Nowadays, bamboo fabric is popular for those people who want to find peace and harmony during their sleep.

Today, the demand for bamboo blankets increases, and the market starts to flood with different options suitable for everyone’s style and budget. Read on tolearn about bamboo blankets and bedding to warm up your home.

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What happens when you sleep under a bamboo blanket?

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Keep Us Warm

Bamboo blankets are known to be warm. But not to the point that you sweat. It offers the two best features – to keep you cool during summer and warm in the winter. You will always feel comfortable since bamboo is natural in regulating your body temperature.

Improved sleep

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Bamboo blankets can stimulate your mood. It reduces stress and can increase your level of melatonin. This will improve your overall sleep pattern.

Reduce night sweats

If you are experiencing anxiety, this blanket works best for you. This can be a therapeutic blanket to help you stay calm, sweat less, and sleep soundly at night.

Commonly asked questions about bamboo blankets

Can you machine wash bamboo material?

Bamboo blankets and sheets are considered to be delicate fabrics. In terms of cleaning, less is more. Make sure to use mild detergent and avoid using a fabric softener. You should always check the care label for instructions and cleaning details before washing.

Does thread count matter?

First, we need to know what thread count is. This term is concerned about the quality and the softness of every fabric. Traditionally, bed sheets have been sold depending on the number of thread counts. The higher the thread count, the silkier, the softer, and high quality the sheets are.

Cotton fiber is different from bamboo fiber, depending on the manufacturing process. This means that, while you can weave cotton threads together, bamboo fibers are naturally long, smooth, and durable. Say, for example, the organic bamboo sheets have a thread count of 400 which is equal to the Egyptian cotton fiber with a 1000 thread count.

Since it is important for you to consider the number of thread count when purchasing a cotton sheet, it could not be the same for bamboo sheets. The bamboo’s natural fiber is naturally soft. However, the sheets are tremendously softer, and tougher than most 1000 cotton thread counts.

Bamboo blankets and sheets comes in different sizes and colors. Check out this one out on Amazon.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Bamboo Bedding

Lasts long

Without a doubt, the bamboo blanket is stronger than cotton blankets. It is a powerful raw material that works well when fibers are spun into a fabric.

In most cases, bamboo lasts longer than other cotton-made products. It won’t lose its softness even after many washes. It gets softer as time goes by.

Environmental benefit


Bamboo grows quickly. When harvested, it can easily replant and it will take you less time to regrow them as other plants do.

With this, you can have more raw material produced in less than no time. There will be more bamboo fabrics without having any consequences in quality.

Aside from that, it consumes less water compared to other growing plants. This water can be used for human consumption and other organic material.

Soft and breathable

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Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton. It has great features and has smoothness compared to silk.

When you purchase a bamboo sheet, you can have peace of mind because you can promote healthy wellbeing and good hygiene.

The sheets are ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies. The bamboo fabric has antibacterial properties and creates good ventilation.

Easy to maintain

Bamboo sheets and beddings are easy to maintain. You can wash them with mild detergent and dry them at low temperatures.

The key here is, the more you wash, the more it becomes soft and smooth. The fabric is known to be long-lasting and tough compared to other cotton fabrics.

For bamboo sheets to make them last, do not use harsh chemicals when washing. No need to use softeners. Ideally, it should be dry under the heat of the sun.


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Moisture and water absorbent

For people who sweat a lot during sleep, bamboo sheets are ideal for you. It has a moisture-absorbent capability, unlike any other cotton fabric.

5 Remarkable Facts About Bamboo Plants

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  1. Bamboo plant species exists worldwide making it to be a brilliantly natural resources in different industries such as furniture, forestry, textiles, papers, hospitals, hotels, automotive, electronics, medicine, and farming.
  2. It is a powerful raw material because it can survive through snow, wind, and UV rays.
  3. It provides farmers a rapid economic growth because the bamboo plant can easily be grown and cultivate.
  4. You do not need to buy fertilizers or pesticides because bamboo has the capability to maintain itself.
  5. Yes, there are edible bamboo plants. Bamboo shoots are edible and mostly popular in most Asian countries. It provides a delicious taste and other dishes. But you have to be careful when choosing.


Different fabrics are out in the market today. But bamboo blankets paved their way to give you a sound sleep and tranquil nights. Purchasing bamboo bedding is a smart way to take care of your overall health.

Choose bamboo bedding because it is soft, eco and health-friendly, odor and bacteria-resistant, and long-lasting.

So, embrace the colder and peaceful nights with bamboo blankets. Say goodbye to allergies and unwanted bacteria by switching to bamboo beddings.

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