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What Color Paint Goes With Black And White Tile?

A good thing about a black and white tile color scheme is neutrality. It means that this can work well with many colors, too, including your favorites. If you are looking for the best colors that suit your black and white tiles, we did our research just for you!

You can complement versatile black and white tiles with light or dark colors. Here are a few colors that you’ll love:

  • Black & White
  • Gray
  • Pale Green
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Retro Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Marsala
versatil eco-friendly black and white, what color paint goes with black and white tile?

Using this combination will speak volumes in your home. For it to pop out, you have to make the color of your walls attractive too! These colors must be complimentary since you’ll be deciding your accents afterward. Keep on reading to get more ideas!

Versatility Of Black And White Tiles

Tiles are great for your floors as they are eco-friendly, durable, and low maintenance. Another thing is they come in different shapes, sizes, and patterns! Please have a look at this list of colors we made for you!

1. Black & White

Most modern homes use this combination because feels elegant in any room. When using this color scheme, you can paint black on one side of your wall and white on another side. Black and white furniture will be a good finish for a completely modern look.

elegant color scheme of black and white tiles

2. Gray

One of the most popular neutral colors is gray. This color has a cool tone, whether it is dark or light. However, when paired with black and white tiles, we recommend using a lighter shade.

neutral color gray with cool tone paired up with black and white tiles scaled

3. Pale Green

If you like a more soothing tone, you can choose pale green. It is a muted shade of green that is relaxing in the eyes. You can add a touch of white on the wall and white furniture for accents.

Want to achieve this farmhouse look, but don’t have shutters? Try these shades in your bathroom to mimic the style seen above.

soothing pale green shaded with white furnitures and black and white tiles

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4. Mustard Yellow

Painting your walls with yellow is like having your own sunshine in your room. This color is also an excellent match for your black and white tiles in smaller sizes. You can also add an accent on your walls, such as a white wall-mounted lamp, floating shelves, or a painting.

excellent color match of mustard and black and white tiles

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5. Retro Blue

It’s good to have a calm ambiance in your room. That is why a retro blue is an excellent option! This less saturated shade of blue gives a vintage vibe to your room. Choose a white or gold color for your accents, too, for this classy look!

calm ambiance retro bath with black and white tiles

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6. Pink

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Are you trying to achieve elegance with a splash of sweetness? Then, pink is the right color for you. This combination will work well together as long as you choose a darker shade of pink.

You can put a dark wood color on one side of your wall for an accent piece.

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7. Purple

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If you like your room to look stylish, purple should suit you! Like pink, pick a darker shade with a matte finish for better results. When choosing your black and white tiles, consider those with patterns.

You can add these designs to your bathroom or kitchen wall using peel and stick decals! This can be a simple home improvement upgrade without expensive or invasive tiling projects.

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8. Marsala

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You can’t miss out on this perfect dark color! Marsala is an earthy red wine color mixed with a bit of tawny brown. Because of its warm tone, it can work well with light or neutral colors. 

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How Do You Soften A Black And White Bathroom?

Here are some tips to make your black and white bathroom smoother:

  1. Balance it with black and white accents.
  2. Add another color for this combo, such as bronze or gold.
  3. Upgrade your plain tiles to patterned ones.
  4. Match it with muted or pastel shades.
  5. Feature an animal print accent wall.

Is A Black Bathroom Good Idea?

There are no existing rules about following a specific color for your bathroom. Go with black if you want to create a classic and sophisticated look. It is a cool tone that can be aesthetic too.

Is Tile On Bathroom Walls Outdated?

Tiled bathroom walls are still popular! It is usually installed in the shower area since it is waterproof. However, many alternatives can now be used, such as bamboo sheets or Gypsum board.

What Kind Of Tile Never Goes Out Of Style?

People often stick to the plain-colored tiles. It’s fun to explore other varieties of tile designs. Here are some types of tiles that will never be outdated:

  • Mixed metals
  • Faux marble
  • Furniture-style
  • Patterned tiles

Final Thoughts

There is no possibility that black and white tiles will be behind the times. You can always modify this color scheme to be better. The secret to this is selecting the best color that will suit your room!

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