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Does The Color Grey Go With Brown Furniture?

Brown and grey bring a neutral shade to a room. Both are versatile colors that can offer a good accent for home interiors. Yet, can you make these two colors work together? To find out, we’ve gathered different images to see if grey will look good with brown furniture. Visualize how you can also try these ideas for your home.

Your living room can cater to both brown and grey. So, you can indeed use grey accents to pair with your brown furniture. Alternatively, try grey as a wall color for the room or an accent wall. You can also harmonize the room with a grey floor beneath your brown furniture.

Since grey and brown look fine together, how can you do it with your furniture and home decors? Check out the following ways you can bring out the best home styling using your grey and brown color scheme.

simple living room with drak grey interior with cognac brown leather arm chair, the color grey go with brown furniture?

Will grey walls look good with brown furniture?

modern spacious living room with elegant grey walling with brown furnitures

Your living room can have a glamorous look with a brown sofa paired with grey walls. Brown gives a warmer shade to the room, while the grey walls provide a fantastic appeal. So, it balances the whole design of your living room.

Besides that, the earthy tones of your brown sofa, along with the walnut brown center table, bring a better look to the room. To complete the whole setup, you can also add a dash of red and white or other color accents for the room.

But then, what’s most important is that your clean grey walls emphasize a sleek touch to the room.  

Will grey flooring go with brown furniture?

aesthetic simple living room with brown furniture and grey flooring

Besides the grey wall, you can also improve your living room with a grey floor. Due to the neutral shade, your grey floor can accommodate different tones and colors, including a brown sofa. Its cool shade also keeps the design balance without overpowering the couch being the room’s centerpiece. 

Similar to the picture, you can also use concrete walls and floors in very light grey tones. Again, it works as a backdrop, making the room appear larger due to its connecting wall and floor color. 

Will grey throw pillows go with brown furniture?

good color variation of light grey pillows and dark brown sofa

Your brown furniture can also assemble a few designs. Grey pillows could be an option to add color variations. It is a good contrasting shade for the dark brown sofa with light grey pillows. In this case, the whole couch brings in both dark and light colors, offering a more eye-catching effect on the room. 

Unlike using two intense colors, these neutrals are easy on the eyes. So, instead of just using monochromatic colors, the combination of brown and grey enhances the whole ambiance of the living room. As a result, it will generate a softer appeal for a more welcoming vibe. 

Will grey blankets look good with brown furniture?

vintage style brown leather furniture mixed with grey blanket simply draped

Other than altering the colors of the pillows, your blanket for the living room could also make a huge difference. In the picture, brown leather furniture provides a vintage style with strong visual appeal. To lighten an intense color palette, you can simply drape a blanket on the sofa. 

With a simple and easy trick of adding grey to dark brown, you provide extra color to the room. The bright pop of neutral grey further grounds the darker sofa to make it a focal point in the room.

Will a grey accent chair go with brown furniture?

classic living room with dark grey interior design with brown leather sofa

Another brilliant combination of grey and brown is adding a new piece of furniture to the living room. Like the picture, you can bring a new look if you pair your brown furniture with a grey accent piece. In this case, adding a grey accent chair is the best option. 

From the modern darkroom theme, you can include a brown L-shaped couch. But then, to break the edgy platform, a nice fluffy accent chair in a contrasting color can change the whole look.

Will grey rugs look good with brown furniture?

living room blend with fantastic gray rugs and brown furnitures

Another coordination tip you must know is using grey rugs to complete the whole color scheme. In this picture, you can undoubtedly blend in a piece of grey carpet to complement the tan brown sofa. 

As you can see, the grey carpet accentuates the fabulous sofa color and brightens the room. The rug also dulls the shiny natural wood floor, drawing your attention to the couch.

Will grey cabinets go with brown furniture?

modern living room with dark grey style combined with brown furniture

Other than the usual elements inside the living, storage bins and cabinets also play a vital role. They help make a small room more functional. Also, these pieces of furniture create another area for displaying figurines and other decors. 

The colors of your cabinets could match the sofa set. But then, you can also use neutral grey as an accent. In this picture, you will notice how the charcoal grey cabinet fits perfectly and makes an illusion of being attached to the walls.

Will all grey decor go with your brown furniture?

brown velvet corner sofa with black and grey gallery of photos

Now, you can see how an all-grey decorated room can make the brown couch the primary feature. The photo showcases how a light grey-painted wall flaunts grey-themed pictures.

Even the shelves, vases, and other items are in grey. The brown L-shape sofa really pops! Not just that, but the room even includes a dark grey pillow and gray rug. 

All these elements inside the room clearly prove how you can use a primarily grey pallet and add brown to the color scheme. Indeed, you can surely add different grey decors to your living room with brown couches and chairs. 

Can you match different shades of brown?

Because brown is a neutral shade, it can still look classy in monotone. Other shades of brown like walnut, wheat, and tan, for example, can work well with one another and with similar color schemes. This way, you can add brown throughout the room and know your furniture and decor will coordinate with other colors, too.

How to brighten your brown furniture?

Because brown caters to a solid and neutral shade, you play around with hues like white, off-white, ecru, beige, muted yellow, and peach. You can also go with cool colors like periwinkle, tiffany blue, green tea, and light to dark grey from what was discussed earlier. 

What color goes best with grey and brown?

Others prefer intense colors like red, blue, and yellow to make additional vibrant touch to the room. So, if you wish to include extra style and accents to other living room, try out different hues ranging from light to vibrant tones.

Can grey decor compliment brown furniture? 

Whether you have deep brown or light earthy tan furniture, it can still go along with grey decor. Just make sure that you are using opposing colors for the two.

For example, go with dark grey, then light brown, or light grey and dark brown. With this simple trick, you can definitely bring stunning pairings to your living room.

Final Thoughts

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