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11 Brown And Blue Living Room Color Schemes

Do you wish to enjoy the brown and blue combination for your living room? Then, you’re on the right page! Check out the best color schemes suitable for brown and blue. Then, see which of these palettes can help you make your living room more stunning.

Brown and blues might not be typical way color combinations for other things. For example, people usually consider pairing blue with white and brown with beige. However, today’s contemporary color schemes top brown and blue combo as a sleek pair! 

Some bags, shoes, and accessories showcase brown and blue. But, then, why not use it for your living room? Check out the simple but elegant ways to mix and match colors for your brown and blue theme living rooms. Find out the best color schemes that suit your taste the most. 

A blue sectional sofa with blue throw pillows and a blue flat paneled wall, 11 Brown And Blue Living Room Color Schemes

1. Shades of Blue

Let’s try the basic blue shades and see how they lift the interior. By adding different shades and tones of blue along with the neutral browns, your living room would look fabulous! You can work on a blue wall, door, couch, vase, and pillows in this case. Then, you can always complete them with the classic brown.

A blue sofa with blue throw pillows and throw in a blue themed living room

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2. Shades of Brown

Blue sofa with wooden flooring and brown walls

Aside from the all blues with brown accents, you can also do vice versa. So, you can simply use a single blue couch then add the rest of the brown shades and tones. In this picture, the living room brings out the blue sofa while surrounded by brown tones on walls, floors, and decorations.

3. Blue, Brown, and White

A blue sectional sofa with brown throw pillows inside a blue and brown living room

To spice up the blue and brown combination, you can always add white. White floors and ceilings can also create a gorgeous brown and blue combination. In this case, white is not the primary color but an accessory to lift the whole brown and blue living room. 

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4. White and Black

A blue and brown living room with canvas on the wall and a patterned black and white carpet

Another remarkable effect of white is added with brown and blue pairs. So you can add it to other accessories and even the windows and curtains. However, to balance out the bright look, you would never go wrong by adding black accents. Tiny black accents can also make a huge impact. 

5. Black

A blue sofa with brown throw pillows inside a dark blue colored living room

If you have a dark blue sofa, it would be perfect for adding black walls. In this color palette, you give a dashing dark appeal to your living room. Adding the brown decors would even complement the contemporary style of the room.

You can also add light brown carpets to make it more appealing to break the darker tones.

6. Grey

A blue accent wall with a gray couch with blue throw pillows and wooden laminated flooring

Another incredible shade of blue is teal blue. It would be better to pair it with wheat brown or natural wood brown. However, it makes it more interesting; grey tones can always blend in.

The picture even gives you the option of adding grey walls, carpets, and the couch. Yet still, the overall decors and accents are in brown and blue.

7. Gold

A blue flat paneled wall with a leather sectional sofa

Your brown and blue color combinations can also get more elegant with a touch of gold! So, adding a few gold decors would not hurt at all. Use these gold items to make the room alive, along with your dark tan couch and dark blue walls. 

8. Walnut Brown and Gold

A living room with blue walls, brown painted and leather sofa

A brown and blue living room not just gives you a modern and contemporary look. It can also allow you to have a retro-vintage style. So how can you do it?

You can keep this vibe by embracing walnut brown tones, golds, and patterned black and grey walls. It lets you channel a classic living room set up by presenting all iconic colors in one area.

9. Green

A wooden rattan chair with white and blue throw pillows indie a green living room

Besides the usual color palettes, you can also add a dark green tone to your living room. It balances the dark blue and dark brown colors, perfect for blending dark green hues. However, bringing in extra white accents can also help to elevate the whole room.

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10. Red, Green, and Yellow

Interior of a bright living room with a blue couch and yellow and throw pillows

Your blue and brown living room can also handle different colors, including red, green, and yellow. This design lets you enjoy playing around with various fun colors. However, a plain white wall would make the room look more aesthetic. Yet still, this living room embodies the blue and brown theme.

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11. Ecru

A long blue sofa with blue throw pillows inside a brown themed living room

Besides the colorful and darker tones, your blue and brown theme living room can still use an ecru finish. The ecru or beige tone can elevate the classic blue and brown tones.

It even allows you to have a neutral shade for the room and other interiors. Most importantly, the ecru color scheme can highlight the blue couch and the big round brown mirror. 

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Level Up Your Brown and Blue Living Room

A blue sectional sofa with blue throw pillows and a blue flat paneled wall

By adding extra color to your living room, you can achieve a better and more appealing style. So, simply test out the colors mentioned above and see which one suits the most for your walls and decors.