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11 Modern Warm Living Room Color Schemes

Cold nights mean sitting next to the fireplace, wrapped in a thick blanket while drinking a cup of hot chocolate as you enjoy the warmth and coziness of your living room. It is nice to think, isn’t it?

But then, how do you make your living room comfortable and inviting? You just have to choose the right hues! Here are 11 color schemes for your living room.

Elegant warm living room with a wooden floor lamp and a wooden chair with a blanket, 11 Modern Warm Living Room Color Schemes

1. Mocha

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You can always rely on neutral colors when it comes to making your home cozy. It sets a different mood when the color is just light to look at. Mocha gives the feeling of comfort like your favorite coffee in the morning. This color can be paired with any color since it is versatile.

In choosing the right furniture, try using a white couch to match your mocha-colored living room.

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2. Pistachio

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Quick information, pistachio is a shade of green which is a light one too. Green is a calming color that can give a warm mood inside your home. This color can go with bright and neutral hues and can make your home look modern.

For a neutral color, gray can be a good partner. Maybe a gray table or gray floor.

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3. Old Rose

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If you want to make your living room feel cozy and relaxing, consider using Old Rose as your color. Aside from the warm vibes, it also serves a vintage look as if you live in the ’60s.

Do you have anything vintage? You can place a cabinet on the corner of your living room where you can display your collections.  

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4. Heather

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Heather is a lighter shade of violet and is absolutely on the choices! This color will make your monochromatic living room into something enchanting. Of course, with the proper furniture and additional design in your living room. You can use drapes with neutral colors for a nice mix and match.

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5. Summer Daffodil

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This is a softer shade of yellow. Who does not like yellow? No one! This color uplifts your mood every time you stay in your living room because yellow serves a warm feeling. It is the color of happiness and sunshine.

Dominate your living room with this color and a touch of white for a perfect mix!

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6. Powder Blue

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Some people dream of living near the shore. While you cannot achieve that goal yet, live it up by painting your living room this light shade of blue. Powder blue has this soothing effect when you look at it. Add a bit of light brown accents to feel like you are sitting on the coast, where the land meets the ocean.

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7. Cantaloupe

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Talk about warm! This color will give you a softer touch of orange that can give your home a warm and homey look. This is much easier to match with other colors than bright orange. Cantaloupe color has this cheerful vibe.

While you are at it, add some floral scented candles to level up your mood.

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8. Off-white

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Cleanliness calms people. Off-white is the key! This color helps if you want to make your living room look clean, have more space, and relaxing. A cute lamp to add extra flavor? Yes! It can be styled whatever you want! 

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9. Terracotta

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A mix of brown and orange? This color perfectly describes the feeling of warmth. A very cozy color that brings joy. It sends lively energy inside your home. Purchase some white picture frames. Display your most memorable moments on your terracotta wall!

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10. Gray

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This is another neutral color for you! There are various shades of gray but is recommended to choose the warmest gray to perfectly fit your desired design. Now, what is a living room without a beautiful light, right? A small chandelier can do!

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11. Peachy

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No doubt that this is one hundred percent cozy! Peach gives you this warm welcome when you see it. It looks so pleasant and sweet! Place a beautiful vase on your table to give it some accent. 

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The Final Take

Elegant warm living room with a wooden floor lamp and a wooden chair with a blanket

Make your home cozy and warm with the 11 colors above. Whichever you choose will make your house look so beautiful and refreshing. Keep the warmth in your home!

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