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What Are Floral Candle Scents?

After having a long and tiring day because of work, or by doing household chores, all you want to do is have a good rest. If you enjoy a room that smells like beautiful flowers from the garden, you might wonder which candle floral scents you can add to the decor. We’ve researched these refreshing scents for you.

Candles capture the aroma of essential oils found in flower petals to bring fresh floral scents into your home. The soothing effect of floral candle scents helps you relax for a bit of essential self-care. Some of the most popular floral candle scents include (but are not limited to):

  1. Rose
  2. Lilac
  3. Gardinea
  4. Peony
  5. Freesia

You deserve a break from having an exhausting day. Light up your floral-scented candles and breathe to brighten your mood. If you need options on what scent of floral candles should you own, we have several options just for you!

Plumeria and aroma therapy candles in a colorful glass container, What Are Floral Candle Scents?

Scent That Suits You

Each floral candles have their own scent. You just have to pick the scent that you think is the best one for your home. Here are the five scents that you will definitely love!

1. Rose

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The most romantic flower you could ever have not just only because it is beautiful but also because of its fragrance. The aroma of a rose gives you an enchanting and calming feeling.

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2. Lilac

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The scent of Lilac is so sophisticated and elegant. Inhaling the scent of it makes you feel at peace like all of your stresses have been relieved.

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3. Gardenia

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The fragrance of this flower is as pleasant as it blooms. Its scent is cool and fresh and when you smell it, the serene vibe comes in.

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4. Peony

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A peony’s smell is in some way the same as a rose’s but a little sweeter. Its scent tends to give a fresh and soft feeling that is great when you are trying to chill at home.

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5. Freesia

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This flower’s fragrance is a fruity one. It is known to give a sweet smell and is capable of making your home feel like you are in a garden full of flowers. 

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Do All Flowers Have Scents?

Yes, all flowers have scents. However, even if some flowers look the same, each of them has its unique aroma. The different scents of flowers all depend on the pollinators. A flower should make itself attractive in order to get the attention of the pollinators.

The scent of a flower comes from its petals. These petals produce floral scents that start as oil. The fragrance of a flower may have at least seven kinds of essential oil, the reason why it smells good.

How Would You Describe A Floral Scent?

Aromatic floral scent

The floral scent is only one of the types of the scent group. Along with it are Oriental, Fresh, and Woody. What makes it different from others is that floral scents are usually sweet-smelling, soft, and feminine.

It has the ability to lighten or boost your mood, like anxiety. Some even say it helps you to have good dreams.

How Long Does It Take For A Candle To Smell?

Fresh flower and scented candles on the table

It only takes one to two hours before your scented candle starts to release its fragrance in every corner of your room. You do not have to burn it for a very long time just to make the smell stay all day. Just wait for some time for the scent to fill the area.

How Do You Make Candles Last Longer?

Aromatherapy candle and flowers

Aside from the basic safety rule of not leaving your candles unattended, here are some tips for making your candles last longer.

Always Trim The Wick

For better and brighter light, trim the wick of your scented candle. However, do not trim it lower than one-fourth inch because it might not light properly. You can also clean the wick with tissue paper once it completely cools down.

Light It For Some Time

The girl lights a candle at her desk at home

When lighting your scented candle for the first time, allow it to stay for a longer time. Let it melt so that the wick breathes. If you happen to light it for minutes only, the wick might sink deeper and won’t give you the result you want.

Also, make sure that your candle is 100% cool before lighting it again for better functioning.

Do Not Place It In Front Of A Fan

Not just in a fan but anything that supplies direct air. This is because the candle may make excessive smoke or leave a dark stain on your candle’s container.

In Closing

There are many types of floral scented candles. Whatever you choose, all of it is definitely perfect. A good fragrance helps to relax your mind and free you from stress for some time. Give yourself a treat by getting your own floral scented candle!

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