What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Wood Floors?

Dark wood floors have been a classic choice for many homes. This is because most dark hardwoods match beautifully with any wall color, and they also complement most furniture colors available in the market. These hardwood floors are timeless and elegant, and any furniture of your choosing will work well with them.

Picking just one single color to match your hardwood floor can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes, this may not work because it makes the space look too monotonous and flat—something you don’t want to see in your space.

When choosing the right color furniture to match your dark floors, always remember that you can mix and match this with other complementary or split complementary colors to tie the room’s design together.

If you’re looking for design inspiration on which furniture you’d like to have to go with your dark hardwood floors, look no further! Continue reading to see our compiled collection of the most popular color choices for furniture and dark hardwood floors.

Spacious lounge and dining area with furniture, What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Wood Floors?

1. White

White furniture is one of the most popular choices when it comes to dark hardwood floors. This is because the pristine white furniture provides excellent contrast with the rich, bold hues of the hardwood floors, making it stand out in the room.

Vertical picture frame in living room

A set of white furniture will also complement any wall color of your choice because of its neutral color. White furniture is also an excellent canvas for many accent pieces and colors, so it won’t be hard for anything to match this furniture color.

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2. Gray

Grey corner couch with pillows and blankets in white living room interior with windows and glass door

Another great neutral option to pair with your dark hardwood floors is gray furniture. Much like its white counterpart, grays are neutral enough that they can work with any wall color, and it still classically pairs with the dark hardwood floors. Gray furniture also gives off a modern, minimalist vibe which quite a lot of homeowners favor nowadays.

You can also make use of gray’s wide range of shades, depending on how you’d like your room to look. The furniture can go from cool grays against the warmth of the hardwood floors to darker, more dramatic grays that add a feeling of intimacy to your space.

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3. Black

Luxury modern dark living room interior black empty wall

Black may feel like it is too heavy when paired with dark hardwood floors, but choosing furniture with lighter shades of wood for the legs or base can break off this heaviness.

Black furniture is great for rooms that are going for a masculine, dramatic feel, and the dark wood floors simply make it more intimate.

Most black furniture also comes in different textures like velvet, leather, or fabric, so choosing this color furniture with different textures can add another layer of depth to your space.

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4. Brown

A cozy dark wood panelled living room with a chaiselongue a coffe table with a glass of wine and a wine bottle

Adding brown furniture against dark wood floors may feel a little redundant, but with good color choices, these two will work beautifully together. Create contrast in your space by using a different shade of brown to prevent the color from blending with your floor.

Also, choose furniture pieces with texture as they can add a different layer to your room’s design. Brown furniture also makes the space look cozy, homey, and intimate – perfect for homes that are more into the rustic style.

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5. Beige

Modern interior of living room with beige sofa

Another classic furniture color choice for many homes is the color beige. Aside from matching well with any color scheme, beige furniture also looks beautiful in contrast to dark hardwood floors.

Beige furniture also brings warmth to the space, and it is known to give off a soft, cozy vibe to your room, perfect for relaxing and lounging in.

The neutral hue of beige furniture also makes it easy for you to add interesting color elements to your space, as well as accents to the room’s cohesive design.

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6. Yellow

Contemporary living room with yellow sofa with light blue wall

For a pop of color in your interiors, yellow furniture matches well with deep, dark hardwood floors.

If you’d like to go for a softer, more mellow yellow in your room, pick furniture that is in the mustard yellow range. This color isn’t as bright and can still match well with other decors in the room.

If you don’t mind the sunshine yellow color, you can still use this furniture color as it also works beautifully with the dark floors. This color choice is great for homes that are more modern and youthful, though that shouldn’t stop you from using this color scheme for a more traditional-looking house.

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7. Blue

Luxury modern living room interior, dark green brown wall, modern sofa with armchair and plants

If you are looking to add color that isn’t as bold and bright, then blue furniture might be the one for you. Blues come in a whole range of different hues and quite a number of them work well with dark hardwood floors.

In this example, a blue velvet couch sits center stage in the room, accentuating the dark hardwood floors beneath. This color choice also harmonizes well with other cool colors like greens and grays, giving the space a relaxed, natural feel.

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8. Red

Interior of a living room with red sofa

It might be a bit bold and bright, but red furniture goes well with those classically elegant dark hardwood floors. If you are looking into having a pop of color in your space, consider using red especially if your floors are close to the gray-stained or walnut-stained hues.

This warm color brings out the cooler undertones from your hardwood floors, further emphasizing its contrast with your furniture.

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9. Green

Digitally generated modern open concept home interior with living room, domestic kitchen and dining space at night

Another complementary color that goes well with dark hardwood floors is the color green. It comes in a multitude of hues from light to dark, and all of them look great against wood floors.

In this example, a lighter shade of green stands out in the open layout of the room, and it harmonizes beautifully with the hardwood floors. In nature, these two are combined all the time which makes this color combination a top choice for many interiors.

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10. Leather

Loft interior with leather sofa and skull decoration

Leather furniture comes in many different colors, shades, and textures. That said, this is one furniture choice that matches well with any dark hardwood floor, whatever your choice of leather color you end up with.

Because of its differences in color, any leather that isn’t close to your floor’s shade will work wonders for your room. It is best to choose leather furniture that is lighter in color to provide contrast to your dark hardwood floors.

However, some darker leather pieces may work well with your dark floors. It is always best to check and test out if these color combinations are working for the design you have in mind.

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11. Wood Furniture

Digitally generated image of a dining room area design with wooden table and chairs

It might sound very redundant and flat, but wood furniture and dark hardwood floors are timeless classics. Depending on the wood stain of your choice, you can go from a cohesive, well-blended look for your space with dark wood furniture.

You can also go for a brighter, more harmonized look with a lighter, natural wood shade. Choosing a medium-shade wood stain for your furniture can also give your room a balanced, more natural feel to it.

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Final Thoughts

There are many furniture color choices that will work wonderfully with dark hardwood floors. Depending on the look you are going for in your space, the best furniture colors fall in the neutral category, like white, beige, or grays. For other interior styles, a pop of colored furniture will work well with your dark hardwood floors.

You may also choose to go with wood furniture, as they come in different wood stains that balance perfectly well with dark hardwood floors. With this many choices for furniture color, it simply showcases the flexibility of dark hardwood floors to match nearly all kinds of furniture you’ll find in the market.

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