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What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls And Black Furniture?

Gray walls are popular nowadays because this color adds depth to your room without even trying to make it dark. Since gray is a neutral color, you can add different kinds of accent color furniture, and even curtains too.

So, what color curtains can you match with gray walls and black furniture? We have many color options to inspire you and help you decorate your home.

To spice up your room, you would want to hang curtains to match it with your gray walls. Curtains are versatile because they can make the room look good and feel good. But, when it comes to color, it depends on the kind of room aesthetic that you want.

If you are on a hunt to look for curtains, here are our suggestions for you. Read on.

Brutal black sofa in a room with dark gray walls and black curtains on the window, What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls And Black Furniture?


Now, you have decided to paint your wall gray. You probably have your own aesthetic in mind. The best way to add a little depth to your aesthetic is to incorporate neutral colors.

These neutral colors can be beige or tan. Beige and tan colors create contrasts with gray just enough to make a warm feeling of the room and finally create a nice ambiance.

In addition, beige colors are earthy and natural which are essential to avoid that dull feeling and boring appeal of the room.

Look at this room. It has gray walls and a beige curtain. The room creates a bright look without having too much color. If you want this feeling, this color curtain might be the perfect one for you.

Sofa in the interior against the background of a flowerpot

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Blue and gray are a perfect match. These colors are unique because they complement each other. Blue curtains are perfect for people who want a vibrant tone. The combination of gray and blue with other colors creates a beautiful room vibe.

If you want to have a versatile color, come up with a bleached blue-gray combination. It is balancing the calming and warming effects of cool colors. For people who need relaxation, go for a pale grayish-blue color. These colors are so inviting, bright, and modern too.

Light cozy teen room with white bookcase

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This is the popular color that mixes with all the shades of green and blue. Teal is also one of the best choices of colors for most designers when it comes to interior decorating.

Be it in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. It is primarily used as a design to create a sophisticated color to bring life with neutral decors. You really can’t go wrong with teal colors because you can still match them with your black furniture too.

Modern rustic farm house style wood dining room

Lime Green

Create an aesthetic appeal to your window by layering it with lime green curtains. Take a look at this bedroom’s architectural features, decorating styles, and interior color schemes.

It complements all the colors and matches your greens. In addition, you can set a budget for decorating to narrow down your options.

You can also have a black headboard and furnish it with some earthy colors. Lime green is a vibrant and fresh color, so you can go for a contemporary style or modern style.

Retro bedroom style with polka dot lamp


If you want to highlight and harmonize your black couch with bright colors, go for yellow curtains. Light yellow curtains add a soft touch to your space, while dark yellow curtains create a strong contrast and richness.

The yellow color will illuminate your space while creating a balance with black furnishings. You see how it made the room look royal giving it a modern and fantastic look.

Black office sofa in the interior of the yellow room


Do not be scared of using black curtains. Those heavy dark drapes in black are more of using the color of the room itself. Black curtains bring along many advantages. You can choose your own style which ranges from classic to sensational feel.

Speaking of the bedroom, there is no doubt that dark shades along with light accents become popular to create a contemporary bedroom. This also works for those who want to have a perfect balance of ventilation and privacy.

Black curtains can also adapt with cabinets and furniture. You may also combine light sheer with black drapes inside your room. This seems to be a perfect interior.

Modern apartment with open space

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Lasting Impressions

Finally, any of these color curtains will look terrific with your gray walls and black furniture. You can now visualize what your room will look like. Just mix and match colors and asked for advice from professionals.

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