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Do Gray Curtains Go With Beige Walls?

Mixing and matching curtain colors for your beige wall can be quite a challenge. Mainly because there are a variety of colors that match beige walls. Plus, you want your home to look stylish and aesthetically pleasing. If you are contemplating using gray curtains, you may wonder, does it go well with beige walls? Here is what you need to know.

Gray curtains do go well with beige walls. By pairing gray curtains with beige-colored walls, you can achieve that more elegant and stylish look for your interior. What’s more, if you have cool beige as your wall color, you can opt to go for dark gray curtains to come up with a wonderful contrast of colors.

You may wonder, what shades of gray go well with beige? What other curtain color should I consider for my beige walls? Read on as we give you curtain color ideas suited for your beige-colored wall.

Render of Modern Living Room - Do Gray Curtains Go With Beige Walls

What Shades Of Gray Go Well With Beige?

The key to mixing and matching neutral colors like beige and gray lies in choosing the tone of colors. For a pairing that’s high in contrast but will still make your interior flawless and integrated, you can go for a darker shade like charcoal gray and match it with light beige.

For a more stylish look, you can use gray curtains with patterns. However, if you want a more simple and sleek interior, you can match your beige with gray of the same light as this photo below!

In addition, using gray will make your interior modern-looking. You can use this matching in your kitchen, living room, bedroom. Even in your nursery too since these colors are gender-neutral.

What Other Colors Go Well With Beige Walls?

1. Beige

Modern Beige Gray Living Room Interior Design with Large Light Beige Sofa and Beige White Curtains.

If you want that minimalist, simple, and clean look for your interior, then you can opt to go for beige curtains. Although, it is important to go for a slightly different tone with the wall to avoid a monotonous look.

2. White

Room interior with table, couch and synthesizer. Window with a floor lamp in a living room with a musical instrument

What could go wrong with white, right? It is not a secret that white can match almost all the colors it’s paired with. So if you want the safest option, you can go for white curtains. Moreover, it also allows you a wider range of options for furniture and other decorations in your interior.

The most white and beige combination is used in living rooms, making them look more relaxed and spacious. However, you can also use this combination in bedrooms for that cozy feel.

3. Yellow

Render of Modern Living Room

Since beige has a similar color base to yellow, it is not surprising that the combination of these two works. Light yellow curtains work if you want a flawless look for your interior. Surprisingly, bright yellow also works well with beige for that fun and more colorful vibe.

4. Orange

Living room of a attic apartment

Using orange curtains adds color to your beige wall. It will also make your curtains stand out. Adding bold colors, like orange, will make your interior more vibrant, warm, and cozy.

5. Burgundy


If you want to go for an eclectic vibe in your interior, you can use burgundy curtains. It also adds color that looks elegant without being too colorful. Putting beige curtains in rooms with plenty of light will make them pop from the beige walls creating an autumnal vibe in your room.

6. Brown

Digitally generated luxurious and stylish home interior (living room) with high-quality furniture and props.

Note that beige brings a soothing feeling, so pairing it with a color that brings warmth creates an inviting and homey atmosphere. You can use neutral beige with a gray undertone for your walls paired with a dark brown curtain.

In addition, using dark brown curtains makes a classic, glamourous, mid-century modern style.

7. Green

Interior design of modern Living room/ home improvement & decoration concept

If you’re looking for a high contrast yet still well-balanced interior mix, you can go and choose green curtains. However, if you opt to use this color, make sure that you accentuate other areas of your room with the same color to avoid an awkward vibe in your interior.

8. Navy Blue

Digitally generated cozy and modern domestic bedroom interior design

You can use navy blue curtains if you are looking to achieve a Mediterranean feel in your interior. This color combines with basically anything and would wonderfully fit your beige wall. Even so, you should still look out for color contrast to achieve that balance that will make your room have that breezy and chill atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

Although beige and gray are both neutral colors, they can still produce a great combination of a modern, sleek, simple, yet cozy atmosphere. With a bit of contrasting and balancing, you create that perfect look you want to achieve in your interior!

Moreover, if you want a bolder and more experimental look, you can choose to go for curtains with patterns. It makes your interior have more personality.

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